First Richard Simmons…

Now Young House Love. I have added to the list of celebrities that I have met, although I imagine the Petersiks would snort at 1) being included in the company of the inventor of Sweatin’ to the Oldies and 2) being called celebrities. But this is my blog, and I calls ‘em as I sees ‘em.

I pre-ordered their book and long ago RSVP’d for their November 2012 book signing event at Flor in DC. Yes, it’s February 2013 now. Don’t judge me.

Fortunately my parents were willing to come visit the Maybe (May + baby = Maybe) for several days so we had a free babysitter. Woot.

Since our last visit to Georgetown occurred sometime during the George W. Bush administration, we decided to head down early to the historic neighborhood that I avoid like the plague. Yes, Georgetown is charming and has great shopping and food. It is also incredibly crowded, with people and cars overflowing the narrow sidewalks and streets. Rumor has it that the residents of that fine hamlet vetoed a Metro stop to keep out the riff raff. It didn’t work. Instead we all come by bus, taxi, or car. Bwahahaha.

After a trip to Anthropologie to look at hardware, we ducked into Pizzeria Paradiso for some wood-fired pizza and good beer. Because it was 4 pm on a Thursday, we had the place to ourselves, which was incredibly weird and awesome.

We left Pizzeria Paradiso at about 5 pm and discovered a line was already beginning to form at Flor. I wasn’t incredibly shocked. YHL fans are rabid (yet polite) creatures. Standing however, is probably my least favorite activity. If I do it for too long, I swear I actually feel my lumbar vertebrae slowly smush together. It. Is. Awesome.

I’m ok if I’m walking though, so we perused CB2 for a bit and partook of Georgetown Cupcake. We then headed to Flor where the line now wrapped around the street. Andy was shocked. I was not. I explained that YHL is the Barack Obama of the blogosphere. They have a great ground game.

Yes, this is a crappy picture.

I feel like the net amount of time I spent standing in line was actually the same as what it would have been if we’d lined up earlier. Make sense? Probably not. But instead of just standing there for an hour, we stood and shuffled forward for an hour.

A  food truck provided free cookies, hot chocolate and cider to Sherry and John’s minions fans. Once I got inside, I had a glass plastic cup of wine as we slowly made our way upstairs to meet the Petersiks.

Andy asked if I was nervous. I wasn’t really. I kind of just accepted the fact that I’d be socially awkward and decided to embrace it. I did ask him if I had anything in my teeth at least three times. Am I only one who does this?

I shouted “Yay!” when I walked up to the Petersik’s table, and there was a brief moment of silence that of course felt like five minutes to me.

But Sherry quickly spied my dragon necklace, and said she liked it. And so I blurted that my daughter was born in the year of the dragon and that I’d DIYed some dragon art for the gallery wall in her nursery. John asked my daughter’s name.

After such deep conversation, I proclaim us BFFs forever. Yeah, that’s not creepy.

They were just so normal and nice. You’d have to be nice if you’re game when I request a photo in which we all posed like Dexter, i.e. don’t smile and look like a serial killer — like in your license photo. Seriously, they barely batted an eye.

Who’s an inappropriate weirdo? Why, me.

Say "Serial Killer" or "Cheese"

They pulled off the sinister look well. I think I just look surly and old. I blame the lighting. And my Cro-Magnon forehead. I’m debating bangs again. I keep forgetting that my hair is curly and naturally parts down the middle. Bangs would totally work even though they never have before.

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